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Mortise Wrench Mortise Socket Mortise Socket  #Ms056c

    The Mortise Socket is a innovative tool for the Locksmithing and aluminum store front service industry. Many times the mortise lock your working on will get cross threaded, and become extremely tight or hard to remove. If the lock your working on is an expensive high security lock, you can now remove it with the Mortise Socket made by Gator Tools Co.

    Corrosion, dirt or grease will not stop this tool from it's task. It will work on the many variations of sizes of locks in today's market. Standard, IC core housings, restricted key housings, just about all types of mortise locks.

   This tool will grip a standard mortise lock, you can then attach a 3/8" socket or breaker bar and turn the most stubborn of lock. It will also slide between the mortise lock and many security collars. Plus if there is a need, the tool will break the average Adams-Rite setscrew to remove those expensive locks without damaging the face of the lock.

   It comes in retail packaging, instruction and the correct size hex wrench to fit the tool.

NOTES: We did make a couple of improvements with this batch. The main one is the grip length for reaching between the spin collar and the lock. It was lengthened by 50% for the deeper locks. The second was we created more  relief for the less expensive ratchets that have square edges, you would not notice unless your tool was not  one of the higher end ratchets.  It now works with both styles.


Remember; we take your suggestion seriously, you may not see the improvements instantly but they will happen over time.  

Aluminum Storefront Locks 
These are some of the locks you can use this tool on.

We were established in 1998, the tools came from being frustrated with no tools to fit the job or the tool just could not do a good enough job for what we needed.

 We have had or should I say have many more ideas for tools but many were not feasible to make and or sell, yet these are not the last of

what Gator Tools is about, Keep

an eye out for more innovative

ideas in the future.

Steve,  Gator Tools Co.

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